‘Selling Sunset’: Christine Quinn opens up about her pregnancy

Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn has officially opened up about her soon-to-be little one in an interview with People. After passing the six-month mark, the star not only shared her first maternity photo shoot with the rest of the world, but spilled the deets on her precious baby, how she’s been dealing with pregnancy, her relationship with the other Selling Sunset costars, and plenty more. Read all about it here. 

How it all began

When reflecting on how her new mom-to-be role came about, Christine Quinn admitted that being in quarantine definitely had something to do with it. The thirty-two year old star remarked that “It seems like there are so many COVID babies because the only thing left to do was Netflix and chill, So we were doing a lot of Netflix and chilling”, referring to her husband, forty-two year old Christian Richard. 

She explained that they both found out early on in the pregnancy, and that the two had actually been talking about it for a while. “Corona really brought us closer, believe it or not”, the star admitted, “because we were in the house all the time and we had kind of joked around, ‘Is this the perfect time to have kids?’ And we’ve been talking about it for a while. So, it’s just one of those things that, it worked out great, the timing was perfect”.

Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn said she was excited, and the couple had been talking about having children since they got together. She explained: “[Christian] was like, ‘I have a birthday coming up and I don’t have kids and I don’t have a family.’ And I felt like the timing was just right. So we were talking about it and I was thinking about it for a while and I was just really, really blessed that it happened pretty quickly”.

Pregnancy so far

Christine Quinn admitted that she didn’t show off her bump until recently to Selling Sunset fans who follow her socials. She explained that while the two were in Bora Bora, she and her husband took “probably sixty photos to get the angle just right” because they weren’t ready to announce the pregnancy yet. She explained she “wanted to wait for it to be a surprise and just all of a sudden come out and be popped, and here I am!”

So far in the pregnancy, Quinn also explained that her appetite has changed a lot. “Unfortunately, a lot of foods that I used to love, like eggs and meat and things that I used to eat regularly, make me sick. I did have a little bit of nausea for sure”, she admitted. “The struggle is real. You don’t fit into any of your clothes. I can’t wear jeans. Even my sweatpants don’t fit. You have acne. It’s a whole situation.” 

She explained that she’s been trying to maintain a healthy routine, which includes doing yoga every day and working out regularly. Quinn also admitted that her fashion has changed a lot since, and since she’s getting bigger, she’s been sticking to wearing more stretchy dresses & yoga attire since “those are pretty much the only things I can fit in”.  

Keeping in touch with co-stars

Christine Quinn also couldn’t help but mention her supportive Selling Sunset co-stars who she’s been in touch with during her pregnancy. She explained that she’s been speaking with Davina & Amanza a lot, and “Mary reached out as well and we had a brief conversation, which was really nice. Mary and Amanza are both moms, and so they just said, ‘Please let us know if you need anything’”.

She also spilled that her & Amanza have “a lot of really long FaceTimes at night”. Christine Quinn admitted that she was grateful for her Selling Sunset co-stars that have been there for her throughout the pregnancy since “It’s been really, really nice to have mothers who have gone through this as well, and we’re able to connect and I’m just really blessed to have those people in my life”.

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