Netflix’s ‘Selena: The Series’: Did Beyonce really meet Selena in a mall?

Are you ready for Part 2 of Selena: The Series on Netflix? The biographical drama, which follows the life of the beloved musical icon, took Netflix by storm early in December 2020. With praise from fans and critics, it seemed like everything was locked for the series to continue moving forward in telling the story of Selena Quintanilla, which made quite a splash for the streamer.

Now the long-awaited Part 2 of Selena: The Series has arrived on Netflix. While fans have enjoyed it, there’s one scene that has fans talking, which takes place between Selana and a young Beyonce Knowles. Now, there are always interesting connections between famous people. Like how Meghan Markle took a pic in front of Buckingham Palace years before she met Prince Harry?

But, well, we have to wonder. Did this really happen? Or was this something that Selena: The Series made up for its Netflix audience? Here’s what you need to know.

TL; DR: Yes! This happened.

Before Beyonce became Queen Bey and undisputed royalty of the musical world, she met the Queen of Tejano Music herself at a Houston area mall, the Galleria. Previously, in an interview with MTV Tr3s, she recalled meeting the music icon in a brief, chance encounter. You can see the interview above. 

“I didn’t say much to Selena because I wasn’t a celebrity, and I just saw her and said hello and kept it moving. Growing up in Texas, I heard her on the radio, and I think listening to her album, even though I didn’t know exactly what she was singing, it helped me in the studio with my pronunciation.” She recalled, reminiscing on how the Queen of Tejano was an influence in her own music career.

Beyonce also has called Selena both a legend & an inspiration. In the same interview, she said, “She was so talented. I’m very happy that, even though she didn’t know who I was, I’m still so excited that I got that opportunity.” So there you have it! Selena & Beyonce met very much in passing when Beyonce was a little girl. Amazing that two women, called Queens throughout the world, would meet each other once in their lives.


Legit! Fans are freaking out online over the scene in Selena: The Series. Mainly because it’s one of those moments where you’re like ‘wow the universe really is that small sometimes, huh?’. It’s definitely wild and looks like the stand-out scene that all the fans are talking about, atm. Our real question is: does Beyonce know about this scene? Did she fondly remember this encounter when seeing it?

Does she play Selena’s music for her family? These are the real questions to be asking here, people. Also, the actress they got to play baby Beyonce was great! Put her in more things right away. Please & thanks!

Christian Serratos, who plays Selena in the Netflix series, said in an interview, “I thought it was so cool, I thought it was so cute. And I thought, ‘You know, that’s what this story is about, is inspiration, and inspiring young people to follow their dreams, whatever those dreams are.'” She also hopes that this is her in to meeting Beyonce, when meeting Beyonce is possible again. 

Here’s hoping!

What do you think about the Selena & Beyonce meeting scene in Selena: The Series? What do you think about Part 2 of the Netflix series overall? Do you have any stories of celebs meeting celebs in weird circumstances? We’re super curious to know! So sound off in the comments down below and share your thoughts. 

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